Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baby Bliss

This weekend was full of baby bliss for me, I got to spend all weekend with Nora and Locklynn while poor Adam stayed home to study!

But, before I talk about this weekend, I'll talk about our latest step in our infertility journey. For those of you well versed in infertility, you probably know what a hysterosalpingogram or hsg is. I had one done this past week to see what might be going on with me. It is a special x-ray with dye to see if anything is plugged in your reproductive plumbing. If you ever have one done you will probably find yourself asking in your head, "You want me to do what?!" And it will probably hurt... a lot. Anyway, everything looked great, but I have to admit we were actually a little disappointed. I know it sounds weird, but we had hoped (and I had even prayed) that we would find something wrong with me so that it could be fixed and then VOILA!

Now on to the babies!

Locklynn was so cute and cuddly and I love him, even though he puked and peed on me and I changed a very liquidy poopy diaper all in the space of... oh... 20 minutes! Here's the cute man right after the bath I helped Abby with... right after he peed in the bath tub... and right before he pooped on the towel.
Nora, whom I am also in love with, made me laugh just by looking at her fluffy hair! She also has the most adorable laugh!
We had fun comparing 1 week old Locklynn and 6 month old Nora. Locklynn has very big baby hands and feet.

I had my arms full of both of my cuties! I loved cuddling them, kissing them, and holding them in my arms.
Don't worry guys, I know I'm your favorite auntie!

Nora, hope you didn't get too tired of all of my kisses, but I will sure miss your chubby cheeks when you are in New Mexico!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

2nd Day of Locklynn

Look how happy we are to be holding our new nephew.
So glad that we got to see him this weekend and that momma and baby are happy and healthy. So glad that he is such a cutie. Sometimes, he has a butt chin like his daddy.
Locklynn loves the hat I made for him. It keeps his head warm and toasty.
If we are lucky, we'll get to see Locklynn AND Nora next weekend! Yay!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Locklynn Vaughan Irigoyen

Guess what?
It took a lot of waiting, but...
Sweet little Locklynn made his appearance into the world today at 7:02 P.M. He weighs in at 6 lb 12 oz and is 19 1/2 inches long.
I had to hold my mom back when she heard Lock's cries so she didn't rush into the room.
Here's the proud momma. Looks pretty good for just having a baby, course she did herself up before going into labor! I think she is quite the advocate of epidurals now!
And remember how we're always upfront and honest... Well although we are super excited for Abby and Nate to have this bundle of joy, this wonderful gift in their home, it still hurts to continue to come home empty handed. Ask anyone dealing with infertility. If THEY are honest they will tell you it is a continual struggle. Some days are better than others, but we'd never wish infertility on even our worst enemies. Ladies, cherish every minute with your chubby cheeked babies because some aren't lucky enough to get that chance.

Can't wait to mug on these cheeks tomorrow.