Sunday, July 13, 2014

Catch of the Day

Adam loves hunting and fishing. The last few years he has had to choose between hunting or fishing and hunting usually wins out. This year he decided to splurge and do both. On Saturday he went out for an early fishing trip and he was pretty pleased with his catch!

2 printers and a net full of aluminum cans! A pretty successful day, at least for our recycling fund!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July Weekend

My mom and dad went on an Alaskan cruise with my grandma and grandpa. They were gone from June 29th until today. I missed them like CrAzY!!! However, we were able to have fun with the rest of our family. Here are some of the things that we did:

We had fun at the 4th of July parade.

We played around the river and enjoyed the fireworks.

We watched hot air balloons fly off as the sun rose above the Teton Mountains. We also got to walk inside of one of the balloons.

We played on an awesome playground.

We went went shooting.

We did all this and more in 1 weekend! We sure have a busy summer ahead of us!