Thursday, May 30, 2013


From Friday to Tuesday we celebrated the holiday weekend, spent time with family, celebrated Kent's retirement (Adam's dad), celebrated the Johnson's 41st anniversary, and celebrated Adam's 26th birthday.

Saturday morning we met up with Adam's family at a local pancake house to surprise Kent. He went to ask the hostess for a table for two, but ended up sitting with a table for 16. He was surprised! Most of the grown ups met at the Idaho Falls temple later for a sealing session to commemorate Kent and Karen's 41st anniversary. Then we had a hot dog cook out and enjoyed Adam's nieces and nephews.

When my sisters and I were little we had a trunk of dress up clothes that once belonged to my Great Grandma Susie. We would always dress up and play house or store or pretend we were pioneers or something. On Sunday, Abby and I had a flash back. I've gotta say, we were looking good!

On Sunday we also went to visit my Grandma and Grandpa. We went to the cemetery to see Baby J too. Adam and Nate caught some wild kittens and Lock was just his happy self. We also got to see a bee hive that is growing out behind the corrals.

On Monday we went to the Sandy Downs with Adam's family and we had lunch at 5 Guys with my family. My mom made a birthday dinner for Adam too. Tuesday was Adam's actually birthday. I took him to try Marhaba, a middle eastern restaurant. It was yummy and we even got to sit on the floor in a private room with cushions around the walls.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day. It's a difficult holiday for those of us struggling with infertility or the loss of a child. In the past, Mother's Day has been a day full of anguish and people having to walk on egg shells around me. We've spent Mother's Day pent up in home, skipping church, crying, angry, etc. Luckily, for everyone involved, this Mother's Day was different. I called and wished others happy Mother's Day. I accepted and thanked others when they told me the same. I went to all of church and I didn't hide out. I didn't even cry at all. What made the difference? This Mother's Day I tried to have a different perspective.
  1. I realized that I could celebrate mothers, even if I don't have a child here with me.
  2. I realized that I am a mother, my baby is just in Heaven. I needed to gracefully go through the day for Baby J.
  3. Motherhood is obviously a miracle and should be celebrated.
  4. I've been trying to fake it til I make it. 
  5. I realized that I needed to be strong on Mother's Day to be an example for others who are also struggling. 
  6. This article helped a lot too.
  7. Of course Adam helped too. He was very sensitive about the upcoming holiday so he gave me a gift for "Wife's Day" on Friday.
Anyway, we had a great weekend. We attended a wedding at the beautiful Brigham City Utah temple. It was for one of Adam's mission companions.
We also visited with Grandpa Johnson and heard him tell some awesome stories.
We also made a surprise visit to family on Sunday, because a visit from us is a great gift!

P.S. Nora, thank you for the Aunt's Day Card!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Onion Tip

Here in the Johnson household, we have a devil of a time chopping onions. We are talking blood, sweat, and tears. Lots and lots of tears. Adam decided to try a new onion chopping technique:
Swimming goggles. He reported that it worked quite well, and there were no tears, but by the time he was done chopping his view was pretty foggy. Make sure you wait awhile before showing your face again in public. Adam learned the hard way by answering the door with goggle imprints around his eyes! HOW DO YOU CHOP ONIONS?

I also wanted to show off another project. This is quite possibly the cutest skirt that I have made to date. Think little Miss Nora would like one?

Catch Up

Well, it looks like it is time for a little catch up again! Let's start out by showing you some of my latest projects shall we?
Cloth Diaper Burp Rags
Lil Nightgown
Valentine Banner
And now, it is time for a shout out. You know how we kinda wish we were food critics? Well, who likes BBQ? We do! And how lucky are we because some friends of ours just opened up a BBQ restaurant! Y'all seriously need to go to Idaho Falls and try Pitmaster Bar B Que for some serious Y-U-M! Adam was moaning while he ate! And, heck, if you are in Idaho Falls, you might as well get yourself some delicious ice cream at Reed's Dairy. It's been my favorite since I was a little girl. Last time Adam and I went "home"  we were able to enjoy out very first pancake and ice cream breakfast at Reed's.
Abby, Adam, and I enjoyed pancakes and ice cream.

Meanwhile, Locklynn enjoyed his shades.
Coming soon... 2013 Johnson Family pictures, and hopefully some new and improved pictures of my own (I have enrolled in a photography and editting course).
Goofin' off between pictures