Did You Know?

Here are some interesting things about us that you may not know:

The Johnsons
* Like to recycle.

* Don't wear shoes in our house.

* Are both ticklish, but can turn it off... sometimes.

* Like to pretend they are food critics when they are at restaurants.

* Thinks raisins are dead flies without wings.

* Has a black belt in Taekwondo (she truly does, although nobody believes her, and she is probably the wimpiest blackbelt you will ever meet!)

* Has never broken a bone.

* Has a fetish for cardigans.

* Has eaten horse along with other weird things.

* Thinks every meal must have some form of meat in it.

* Loves the Star Wars movie with the wookies because he thinks they are cute.

* Would eat anything from the bakery over a candy bar.

* LOVES Black Friday shopping.

* Can wiggle his scalp.

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