Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all you blog followers!

Adam and I had a great New Years Eve. We moved our bed into the living room for a sleep over. We ate take out Indian food and homemade ice cream (from Adam's Christmas present). Yum! Yum! And more Yum!

Then we laid in our bed and watched Sherlock Holmes while we waited for the ball to drop. We kissed each other at midnight and fell fast asleep.

Just for the Heck of It!

These pictures didn't really fit into my last post, but let's face it, if I didn't put them up, I would be really depriving you!

The End of the World

(In no particular order)

12. Skyping with Nora, Savanna, and Joe on Christmas and watching Nora open her very first Christmas presents. She seemed a little confused, but she really liked the wrapping paper.

11. Playing glow in the dark dodge ball with Adam's family.

10. Seeing our very own Elf on the Shelf- Samuel

9. Discussing the Christmas story with Riley, who is almost 4. It was so sweet to hear her talk about baby Jesus. Did you know that Mary was inside a camel's tummy? And did you know that when Jesus was born the angels sang the ABC's?

8. Watching the children in Adam's family reenact the nativity. It was priceless when Hailey, the wise man, tried to steal baby Jesus from Riley, Mary.
The Angels
Mary and Baby Jesus
Shepherd Sam

7. Visiting the Christmas displays at the Museum of Idaho.

6. Seeing the live nativity at the Calvary Chapel.

5. Enjoying the musical Christmas lights in my parent's neighborhood

4. Watching Wreck It Ralph with my family. Locklynn was so good during the whole movie.

3. Visiting with our friends who were home for the holidays from Arkansas.

2. Playing Curses with family.

It was a lot of fun. At one point my mom had to act like a hairy gorilla every time she talked. My dad had several curses where he couldn't bend his elbows, he had to act like he didn't have fingers, and he had to use sign language when he talked!

1. Adam passed his first semester of graduate school... and with good grades too!