Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Johnson Family Pictures 2015

Last week we had our annual family pictures and Eli's 6 month pictures taken by Mandie Lott. We love how they turned out! Now we just aren't sure how to pick our favorites! These are only some of them:

I can't stop looking at them!

We Are A Happy Family

Eli has made our happy family even happier. He is such a good, happy boy. We are sure lucky to have him in our lives! See, look at Eli and his happy daddy on Adam's very first official Father's Day.

Eli turned 6 months old earlier this month. He is growing and changing every day. He almost weighs 17 pounds, eats all sorts of foods, and is almost ready to crawl. Pretty soon getting stuck under the couch will be the least of our worries.

We just spent the last couple of days with cousins in Utah. Eli is on his way to learning the piano.

We also went to the nickel-cade and Eli is learning how to drive too!

Oh my goodness Father Time! Please slow down!