Adam, According to Katie

Hmm... what can I tell you about Adam so that you will love him as much as I do?! I'll try to narrow it down to the top 10 things I love about him:

1. Adam loves children and will be a great dad someday. I love to see him interact with his nieces, nephews, and children that we babysit. He loves to hold babies and does so whenever he gets a chance. Adam already has plans of things that he wants to teach our children when they get older like how to play soccer or how to fish.
So cute right?

2. The man can cook! Adam loves to grill, cook meat, and make breakfast, but he can also bake bread! Sigh... I sure got lucky.

3. Not only can the man cook, but he can clean! Before we were married Adam promised me that cleaning the bathroom would be his responsibility. In fact, he volunteered for the job. He has kept his promise of cleaning the bathroom and helps me keep the house clean in other ways as well.

4. Adam works hard in everything he does. He is definitely not afraid to get dirty and use his very nice muscles. If you are in a pinch and need help, Adam will be one of the first ones there. He has often been found lending a hand in helping neighbors move or helping his dad (or my dad) finish projects. He even helps me with my little crafty projects.

5. Adam is really spiritual and has a lot of knowledge about the scriptures. He can answer any questions that I have or he can help me find the answers. He takes his church callings seriously, especially being a home teacher. I also love that Adam served a mission. It really helped him to learn and grow.

6. Adam is always up for a challenge and loves to try new things. He decided to learn archery and golf so he took classes in school and now has new hobbies. He loves to try new food and to go to new places too. I think he is up to the adventure of raising a family.

7. I love Adam because he is truly my best friend. There is no other way that I would have married him. He is kind and loving and takes very good care of me. I know he will take very good care of a child and he will easily be wrapped around their finger.

8. I have always heard that when you are dating a man you should look at the way he treats his mother and then you will know if he will make a good husband. Well, Adam not only treats me wonderfully, but his mother (and my mother) as well. Adam is respectful and kind to his siblings, grandparents, and parents. He gets along great with everyone he comes in contact with. He can be a big tease and have a lot of fun too.

9. Adam can be really funny. In fact he told me a great joke the other day that I will share with you here: There were two little old ladies sitting together at church. One old lady leaned over to the other and said, "I've been sitting here so long that my butt is asleep." The other little old lady leaned over and replied, "I know, I heard it snore a few times!" HAHAHA! You can't tell me that isn't funny!

10. I love Adam because he still has a little boy inside of him. He loves to be silly, funny, and care free. He loves to play and have fun. Someday, when we have a child in our home, Adam will be so excited to have a little someone that he can teach to love the things that he loves.