Friday, September 16, 2016

Hello Again

Hello again blogging world. It has been awhile... a long while, but I figure it is about time for an update since it has been 5 months, the children are soundly sleeping, and the laundry is done! Where do I even begin?!

I have an awesome chalkboard that my AwEsOmE sister Abby and brother-in-law Nate made for us. Currently it says, "The days are LONG but the years are short." Isn't it soooo true? I mean look how fast my boys are growing up! And, let's be honest, being a parent can be really crazy (understatement) but small moments like this make it all worth it.

Little Guy Tidbits:

Eli is 21 months now. He is quite a talker, but mostly in private. One of his favorite things to tell me is, "No way!" He likes to sing his own versions of "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" and "Old MacDonald". He loves his sheep stuffed animal and has to take it with him to nursery.

18 months
Liam is almost 9 months old. The poor boy is getting about 6 teeth right now! One of his favorite activities is rolling himself up in rugs or playing underneath them. He is working on his crawl. Right now it is a one legged army crawl type thing. He is getting a lot better at sitting up too.

6 months
So, what did we do this summer?

Played in the sandbox that daddy built.

Summer walks.

Visiting the zoo.
Playing with cousins.
Fourth of July Parade and fireworks.

Trips to Utah.
Tracey Aviary.
Water Parks.

Salt Lake City Pioneer Day parade.
Boating in Jordanelle Reservoir.

Playing in Grandma and Grandpa's yard while it was irrigated like mommy used to do when she was a little girl.

Eli took swimming lessons with daddy.

Gardening and canning.


Playing in tunnels (Eli thinks going under anything is playing in a tunnel.)

Climbing on the ladder that daddy built.

What will this fall bring?

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Travels

The little guys have probably had their fair share of travelling for awhile... grown ups too! First off, we took a last minute road trip with Adam's family to Kanab, UT. We all had adventures driving ten hours in and RV with a 15 month old a three month old and of course trying to sleep in the same RV with the same babies!

Watch out! Eli will steal your Root Beer Float.

We also explored Zion National Park and the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. When we visited the sand dunes, it was Eli's first time playing in sand. He. Was. In. Heaven!

To play in the sand with or without pants is the question (for Eli, not us grown ups)?! We chose without... which resulted in a diaper full of sand and a bum caked in it too...

A week later we climbed back in the car and traveled to Bear Lake to spend conference weekend with Adam's family at the time share. Liam got to go swimming for the first time and also got to visit with some VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE while we were there.

What else have we been doing this spring?

"Keep Eli Busy" Projects.

Helping daddy make St. Patrick's pancakes.

Coloring Easter Eggs.

Yard work.

Celebrating Easter.

Being cute.

Practicing sitting... That needs more work...

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Oh Happy Days!

What a wonderful week we have had!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday at the local library.

We celebrated my Grandma's 80th birthday. She is an amazing woman who just keeps pushing through life, even when it hurts.

We were sealed to Liam for time and all eternity in the Rexburg temple.

Liam had his blessing at church too.

Aren't my boys so handsome?! (All three of them! Adam is looking pretty great! He has lost 25 lbs!)

Everything was so special because Liam's birth family came to celebrate with us. They are so great!!! We are so lucky that they are our family now too!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This year, or 2015 rather, we spent Christmas in Evanston, Wyoming where Eli got a new baby brother and we got a precious son through the wonderful gift of adoption! We marvel that our adoption journey has helped us celebrate the birth of our Savior in such special ways for 2 years in a row. Adoption has helped bring a special view of the Savior's atonement and the plan of salvation for us. We can never thank HIM or our boys' birth parents enough for what they have done for us.

Liam Thomas Johnson was born in Evanston, Wyoming on December 22, 2015. He weighed 7 lbs and was 20 1/4".

He had a little trouble at first and had to be on oxygen for three days, but he is growing and thriving now.

We sure have our hands full with two baby boys...

 But let me tell you, just seeing these two boys together makes all of the craziness worth it! Can you see the love? These boys are bound to be best friends!

Eli loves his little brother so much! I can't even count the number of kisses and head pats that he gives little Liam everyday! It is so heart warming, but Eli is too fast for a camera to capture the precious moments.

 Without adoption and my Savior, we would never be able to have these precious spirits in our lives for eternity. I thank heaven everyday.