Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great Labor Day weekend. I hung out with my family and Adam spent most of his time hunting with his dad. We got an early start to the holiday weekend when Lockie came for a sleepover Thursday night. It was his mom and dad's anniversary so he hung out with us. We ate dinner, had some ice cream, and watched a little bit of his favorite Frozen. Lockie's mom and dad forgot his toys, so I dug some of our stuffed animals out of our hope chest for Lock to cuddle with.

As you can see, we are still "selfie" challenged.

Locklynn did a really good job for us. He did have a tough bedtime though. It was his first sleepover ever without one of his parents. In the morning Lock helped us pick some veggies out of our garden.

I was sure sad to have to let his parents take him back and go to work!

Monday, August 25, 2014

American Adoptions

This year Adam and I decided to begin pursuing adoption with a new adoption agency. This ended up being a timely decision because our current agency, LDS Family Services, will no longer be offering full service adoption agency services. I believe we began the process in May and our family goal was to be done with everything by the end of May. Well, we officially became active the last couple of weeks and we feel very optimistic and excited.

American Adoptions Profile

Our adoption fund needs to grow significantly with this new agency. One sad thing about losing LDS family services is that their adoptions were subsidized. Adam started a fund raising web page for us.

You Caring Fund Raising Page

Keep following our story. I think that there are exciting things in our future!

Utah Weekend

A couple of weekends ago we went to Utah for one of Adam's cousin's weddings. We were honored to be able to attend the Jordan River temple with them and watch as they were sealed together for time and all eternity. I am so glad that I am sealed to my best friend forever too.

That weekend we were also able to watch one of our 5 year old niece's soccer games. Hilarious!

I'm convinced that I would be an AWESOME soccer mom and Adam would be a great soccer coach! We cheered so loud. At one point our niece was the goalie. The coach told her at half time that she would be putting her in. Adam told her that if she kept out all of the goals, he would buy her an ice cream cone. Then he took her out to the goal and showed her what to do.

She kept out all of the goals (some of the balls just bounced right off of her) and ended up with a nice ice cream cone at the end.

After the game, a quick ice cream cone, and a quick lunch, we all went to Seven Peaks and had an awesome time. Then when Adam and I headed back to Idaho we stopped to visit his Grandpa who seems to be doing so much better. We also grabbed some delicious juicy peaches at a fruit stand. Yum! I'm so sad that the summer is coming to an end and that Adam went back to school today. However, he is one step closer to bringing home the bacon! Love him!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

In Touch With Our Inner Child

This was the weekend in which we got back into touch with our inner child. We stayed up LATE reminiscing, talking about everything under the sun, and giggling with 2 of Adam's sisters until 2:30 am! The lack of sleep was so worth it! Then, just 8 hours later, we played hard on a giant water slide. A lot of the kiddos liked to pile onto Adam's back to ride down the slide. He probably had even more fun they did!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Catch of the Day

Adam loves hunting and fishing. The last few years he has had to choose between hunting or fishing and hunting usually wins out. This year he decided to splurge and do both. On Saturday he went out for an early fishing trip and he was pretty pleased with his catch!

2 printers and a net full of aluminum cans! A pretty successful day, at least for our recycling fund!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July Weekend

My mom and dad went on an Alaskan cruise with my grandma and grandpa. They were gone from June 29th until today. I missed them like CrAzY!!! However, we were able to have fun with the rest of our family. Here are some of the things that we did:

We had fun at the 4th of July parade.

We played around the river and enjoyed the fireworks.

We watched hot air balloons fly off as the sun rose above the Teton Mountains. We also got to walk inside of one of the balloons.

We played on an awesome playground.

We went went shooting.

We did all this and more in 1 weekend! We sure have a busy summer ahead of us!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Grandpa

Last weekend my Grandpa turned 80 years old.



Dear Grandpa (or Bebo as I used to call you),

The world is so lucky to have had you for these past 80 years and I feel so blessed to have had you as my Grandpa! I really think you are the best grandpa that a girl could ask for and I have looked up to you for my whole life. I love how you can talk to absolutely anyone. I love that you are always there for your family. And, I love that you are always willing to share your opinions and share of yourself.
Grandpa, I really admire how you are willing to serve anyone and everyone. I myself have been blessed by bags of flour, pounds of hamburger, as well as sacks of potatoes, onions, and garden vegetables. Thank you. 

Adam and I are also eternally grateful for the support you have given us throughout our adoption. We hope to someday be as good of parents as you are! You are such a great example in everything that you are. 

I am so thankful for the 27 years of memories that I have been able to share with you. What other girl can saying that her grandpa hid things like tissues or golf balls in her shoes or stole Stove Top stuffing off of her plate at Thanksgiving? I’ve also learned so many things from you. I’ll never forget that soy sauce is made from grasshopper spit, raisins are dead flies without wings, and tapioca is actually frog eggs.

Love Always,

Your Grand Daughter Katie

P.S. Have fun on your upcoming cruise to Alaska. I would have loved to experience that with you, but I look forward to hearing all about it once you get home!