Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This year, or 2015 rather, we spent Christmas in Evanston, Wyoming where Eli got a new baby brother and we got a precious son through the wonderful gift of adoption! We marvel that our adoption journey has helped us celebrate the birth of our Savior in such special ways for 2 years in a row. Adoption has helped bring a special view of the Savior's atonement and the plan of salvation for us. We can never thank HIM or our boys' birth parents enough for what they have done for us.

Liam Thomas Johnson was born in Evanston, Wyoming on December 22, 2015. He weighed 7 lbs and was 20 1/4".

He had a little trouble at first and had to be on oxygen for three days, but he is growing and thriving now.

We sure have our hands full with two baby boys...

 But let me tell you, just seeing these two boys together makes all of the craziness worth it! Can you see the love? These boys are bound to be best friends!

Eli loves his little brother so much! I can't even count the number of kisses and head pats that he gives little Liam everyday! It is so heart warming, but Eli is too fast for a camera to capture the precious moments.

 Without adoption and my Savior, we would never be able to have these precious spirits in our lives for eternity. I thank heaven everyday.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review of 2015

2015 and Eli's first year are quickly coming to an end. So much has happened and so much has changed. And, as usual, I didn't get Christmas cards done...



We moved to Idaho Falls.

Eli legally and eternally became a part of our family.

Adam graduated from his doctorate program of physical therapy.

Adam got a real grown up job as a physical therapist in the hospital.
We bought a house.
We sold a car.
We bought a car.
We played a lot.

Adam has gotten stitches twice.
Eli has had a year full of firsts like first bath, first steps, first 4th of July, etc, etc, etc. Here was his first time swimming.

And his first time being eaten by a pumpkin.

We've celebrated Eli's first birthday.

Eli also met Santa, but he didn't like him very much!

And our next adventure is this:

Coming any day now!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello Again

Hello blogging world. Long time no type... Our kidlet sure keeps us busy, but he sure makes life worth it. Even when he can be frustrating, he turns things around by making me smile and laugh.

We've been having some fun as we get ready for Halloween. We went to the Mabey Pumpkin Patch in South Jordan and picked out our pumpkins.

We gave Eli some choices several times, but this is the pumpkin he kept going back to:

We also got some pie pumpkins and a big carving pumpkin.

As Adam carved, Eli liked to bite the pumpkin, play with the guts, color the outside of the pumpkin, and crawl all over the place.

 He did not, however, like being eaten by our masterpiece!

He did not, however, like being eaten by our masterpiece!

And one more thing on this picture overload. Look at what this sucker can do!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Jumpin' July

July has gone by so quickly. It is like we've jumped through it! Here's what has been happening in our neck of the woods:

1.) We bought our very first house!!!

2.) We got a new niece, Leah.

3.) Adam won a brand new grill at Texas Roadhouse.

4.) Eli went to his very first 4th of July parade and fireworks. The parade was a little noisy for him, but strangely he loved the fireworks. He tried so hard to stay awake, but didn't quite make it.

5.) Eli turned 7 months old. His two front teeth on top are coming in.

6.) Eli played in the water outside in our new yard.

7.) Eli had his first finger painting experience. He was helping his cousins make a welcome home sign for his grandparents. He loved it, until he took a bath with a blue painted Locklynn and got scared! I guess he won't be watching the Blue Man group anytime soon!

8.) We spent time in Utah with family that was visiting. There we went on a hike to Donut Falls and in the Albion Bason at Alta to see wildflowers, we played at the nickelcade, we had family pictures, had a hot dog roast, and swam at Seven Peaks. Adam and I also attended the Jordan River temple since we had a lot of eager babysitters!

Look! He stood himself up!
See the moose in the background?

9.) We've also been doing a lot of unpacking, unpacking, and unpacking! It is a slow process with Adam's work schedule and a baby that is learning to crawl and get into everything!