Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Travels

The little guys have probably had their fair share of travelling for awhile... grown ups too! First off, we took a last minute road trip with Adam's family to Kanab, UT. We all had adventures driving ten hours in and RV with a 15 month old a three month old and of course trying to sleep in the same RV with the same babies!

Watch out! Eli will steal your Root Beer Float.

We also explored Zion National Park and the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. When we visited the sand dunes, it was Eli's first time playing in sand. He. Was. In. Heaven!

To play in the sand with or without pants is the question (for Eli, not us grown ups)?! We chose without... which resulted in a diaper full of sand and a bum caked in it too...

A week later we climbed back in the car and traveled to Bear Lake to spend conference weekend with Adam's family at the time share. Liam got to go swimming for the first time and also got to visit with some VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE while we were there.

What else have we been doing this spring?

"Keep Eli Busy" Projects.

Helping daddy make St. Patrick's pancakes.

Coloring Easter Eggs.

Yard work.

Celebrating Easter.

Being cute.

Practicing sitting... That needs more work...


  1. Love it!! We have had so much fun seeing you in the last month!

  2. Oh my gosh! The picture of Adam holding the two boys in their individual towels ---- I love it!