Our Message

Dear Friends,
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and consider us as parents for your baby. We know that this time in your life must be very hard for you and that you are a very strong person for considering adoption. We know that you love your baby, and want to make the most selfless decision possible. We hope that we can help you with this, and we pray for you as you make this life changing decision.
As you make this choice, it may help to know a little more about us. We were best friends in high school and began to date after we graduated and went our separate ways for college. After dating for about 2 years, Adam served a mission in New Zealand. While he was serving his mission, we wrote to each other almost every week. Although Katie missed writing one week, she had her wedding dress ready by the time Adam came home. We got engaged five days later, after an unromantic night of bowling, and married about two months later in April 2009 in the Idaho Falls temple.
Since we’ve been married, we have been working on our education, enjoying a lot of fun times, and working together during hard times. We both attended BYU-Idaho and graduated with our Bachelor degrees. Katie graduated in university studies and Adam graduated in human biology. Katie also has a technical certificate in child development from Idaho State University (ISU). Adam is now attending graduate school at ISU and will graduate in 2015 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Although this time of education has been busy, we have enjoyed going on vacations, walks, bike rides, hikes, bowling, visits with family, miniature golf, cooking together, cross country skiing, and occasionally Katie will give in and go camping…when there is a toilet around.
With the fun times, there are also hard times. Dealing with infertility and a miscarriage are the two hardest things we have dealt with as a family. However, it has brought us closer together, and helped us draw closer to our Father in Heaven in knowing that He loves us and provides a way for our happiness. Through prayer and fasting we know that adoption is the path that our Heavenly Father wants us to take. We feel very peaceful and excited about our decision. We love knowing that we can be a family forever, and we try to live our lives to allow us to do so.
What Katie Sees in Adam:
Adam is basically a manly man…with a touch of teddy bear. He is easygoing, but he is also very hard working. Adam loves sports, especially soccer, which he played all growing up and still plays as often as he can. He loves doing anything outdoorsy like camping, fishing, shooting, archery, and golfing. When Adam is not busy with schoolwork, he is often found serving others. Something unusual about Adam is that he has eaten horse before. Adam has a big heart and will make a great daddy someday. He would enjoy teaching a child all the things he loves and help them develop their own hobbies and talents.
What Adam Sees in Katie:
One thing that you have to know about Katie is that she is one of the kindest people I know. She cares about everyone, and wants to make sure everyone feels included in everything that we do. Katie is also a hard worker, and puts her all into everything that she does. She loves to cook, be organized, sew, blog, have a clean home that invites the Spirit, do anything that is crafty, and try new things. Right now, Katie is trying her hand at photography. Katie also loves children! Whenever we are around family she is always racing to her nieces and nephews to see them and play with them. She will be a great mom someday that will do anything for her children. She will teach the importance of loving others, being together as a family forever, and about our Savior. Something funny about Katie is that she doesn’t like raisins because her grandpa always teased her by saying they were dead flies without wings. 
We hope you’ve been able to learn a few things about us. We promise that if you choose us to parent your child we will love your baby no matter what. We would like to have an open adoption and will work on what degree of openness is best for you and your baby. We look forward to sharing pictures, e-mails, family blogs, and occasional visits. Please remember that we are keeping you in our prayers.
Adam and Katie