Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School

Adam started graduate school this week. On his first day of school, I sort of felt like a momma. I was proud of him for making it this far and for all of his accomplishments. Most of all, I was emotional! Will he do ok? Will he be able to find his classes? When will I get to spend time with him? Will he make friends? Haha!

After Adam's hard first week of school, he is going to go hunting. I am crossing my fingers that he won't catch anything (Yuck)! Anyway, Adam requested that I make him a polar fleece sweater to keep him warm and dry during the mornings that he is hunting. I must really love him... because I included a pocket and a zipper (scary)!
Good luck hunting! Wink,wink!)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Locklynn's Baby Shower

This weekend my mom, Savanna, and I threw Abby a baby shower for her soon to arrive baby- Locklynn Vaughan Irigoyen. I think it turned out really well and Abby sure brought in a haul! Locklynn will be one spoiled baby who probably will never need new clothes ever again.

I got a lot of the shower ideas from Pinterest of course. Mom and I were in charge of decorations and food.

(Don't worry she got more presents than these. These are just the ones from us!)
Savanna was in charge of the games. She had the guests feed a blindfolded Abby baby food and try to guess what kind she was eating.
Nora came with Savanna to the shower and Grandpa watched her when she wasn't being passed around.
Hopefully the next baby shower will be ours!

P.S. Here's Abby's belly in comparison to some others.
Cousin Sami who had her baby later that day.
Dad... with a small ball under his shirt...

We're Not in Rexburg Anymore

We're settling into our lives in Pocatello. Things are falling into place rather miraculously.

The day we moved in, two men came over to help us unpack the truck. They are both in the Physical Therapy program like Adam! What are the odds that the first 2 people we meet are in the same program, same housing complex, and same ward?

I started applying for jobs almost immediately once we moved in. I had 4 interviews in one week and a job offer too! That is unheard of in Rexburg. In Rexburg I felt like I had to beg for a job. After graduating college, it took me 6 months to find a house keeping job. It is like we are meant to be here or something ;)

I've been able to participate in Relief Society and I am loving it. I haven't been to a Relief Society activity in 2 years since I've worked nights. I went to one during our first week here and didn't come home for 3 hours! I loved every minute! It has also been nice to go to Relief Society class on Sunday, which I haven't done in about 8 months since we've taught primary.

We are glad to be here and feel so blessed because Adam got into graduate school.

This post needs pictures... The other day Adam and I took a drive early in the morning to the Caribou National Forest. We saw 3 bucks "in the velvet" and a chipmunk with a weirdo tumor thingy on it's shoulder.

Whirlwind Life

Our lives have been in hyper drive ever since Adam said "I Do" to ISU! There has been moose in our back yard, moving, intense cleaning, unpacking, job hunting, shelling money out of our pockets like crazy for school expenses, getting school supplies, job hunting, meeting new people, updating our home study, trying to spend some time together before graduate school starts, throwing a baby shower for my sister, having a garage sale for our adoption fund, getting our internet hooked up, etc! Wew!

Before leaving Rexburg we decided we wanted one last hoorah with Cooper and Amelia since we've been babysitting them for 3 years and love them so much. We had a great big night full of surprises for them. First up was bowling and playing in the arcade at Fat Cats. It was a little embarrassing for Adam and I, but Amelia was super stoked that she beat two adults. In our defense though, both of the kids used bumpers. That's better right?

Cooper won a pirate eye patch and army guy in the arcade and Amelia gave him her Tootsie Roll. He was so happy.
Next, up Five Buck Pizza and Snow Cones. We all had colored tongues, except for Cooper. His chocolate snow cone didn't change his tongue color.
Apparently they told their mom about their surprises all the next day. We're going to sure miss them.