Monday, August 20, 2012

Locklynn's Baby Shower

This weekend my mom, Savanna, and I threw Abby a baby shower for her soon to arrive baby- Locklynn Vaughan Irigoyen. I think it turned out really well and Abby sure brought in a haul! Locklynn will be one spoiled baby who probably will never need new clothes ever again.

I got a lot of the shower ideas from Pinterest of course. Mom and I were in charge of decorations and food.

(Don't worry she got more presents than these. These are just the ones from us!)
Savanna was in charge of the games. She had the guests feed a blindfolded Abby baby food and try to guess what kind she was eating.
Nora came with Savanna to the shower and Grandpa watched her when she wasn't being passed around.
Hopefully the next baby shower will be ours!

P.S. Here's Abby's belly in comparison to some others.
Cousin Sami who had her baby later that day.
Dad... with a small ball under his shirt...

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