Monday, August 20, 2012

Whirlwind Life

Our lives have been in hyper drive ever since Adam said "I Do" to ISU! There has been moose in our back yard, moving, intense cleaning, unpacking, job hunting, shelling money out of our pockets like crazy for school expenses, getting school supplies, job hunting, meeting new people, updating our home study, trying to spend some time together before graduate school starts, throwing a baby shower for my sister, having a garage sale for our adoption fund, getting our internet hooked up, etc! Wew!

Before leaving Rexburg we decided we wanted one last hoorah with Cooper and Amelia since we've been babysitting them for 3 years and love them so much. We had a great big night full of surprises for them. First up was bowling and playing in the arcade at Fat Cats. It was a little embarrassing for Adam and I, but Amelia was super stoked that she beat two adults. In our defense though, both of the kids used bumpers. That's better right?

Cooper won a pirate eye patch and army guy in the arcade and Amelia gave him her Tootsie Roll. He was so happy.
Next, up Five Buck Pizza and Snow Cones. We all had colored tongues, except for Cooper. His chocolate snow cone didn't change his tongue color.
Apparently they told their mom about their surprises all the next day. We're going to sure miss them.

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  1. Amelia still talks about beating you in bowling and Cooper takes his pirate patch to the park all the time so he can use the toys as his ship. We miss you!