Thursday, October 6, 2016


Family means EVERYTHING to me. All through my growing up years, I lived minutes away from the majority of my extended family. We visited my grandparents almost every Sunday. We had large family birthday parties and summer cookouts with our cousins. Having family close by was the norm for me. It is what I expected my life to always be like. It is what I dreamed of. I've never been able to imagine my life away from my family. I don't even know how life works without family.

Sadly, my sisters' lives are taking them in different directions.

My older sister, Savanna, and her family moved away to New Mexico a few years ago. We only get to see them about once a year. We get to talk on the phone and Skype, but it just isn't the same.

In less than 2 days, my baby sister, Abby, and her two boys are moving away to Washington D.C. to be reunited with Nate who joined the army about 6 months ago. I know how important family is and I know that they need to be together. I get it, but I can't help but feel like I am losing them!

The dreaded day is quickly approaching and I feel like I am grasping at straws to slow down time or spend as much time with them as possible.

Last weekend, between General Conference sessions, we got together for a special Halloween lunch, art projects, and the inevitable bath that followed.

Today, while Abby worked on moving out of her apartment, they boys came over and Adam and I braved pumpkin projects with all 4 boys! They washed the pumpkins, colored them, and played in pumpkin guts/brains.

Of course it is crazy when we are all together, but we have so much fun and I am really going to miss them!

And I think it is safe to say, that these boys are really going to miss each other too! I pray they can keep some of the memories we tried to create for them. I pray they will always be friends. For now, farewell to the fantastic four.

Sisters, I will try to be strong without you. God be with you til we meet again.