Katie, According to Adam

So this is the page where I get to say anything and everything I want to about Katie and she can't change a thing ... this could be a lot of fun! So, I will try to not tell you anything too embarrassing and also cut it down to ten of my favorite qualities about Katie.

1) First is that Katie is so crafty!! She will say she isn't crafty, but don't let her fool you, she is. Some of the things that she likes to do are sewing and scrap-booking. She also just got a Cricut. She is experimenting with it and trying a lot of new things. In fact she is working on a pop up card for her sister right now as I am typing this up.

2) Katie can cook too!!!!!!! So, I saw Katie say that I can cook, but Katie's cooking is seriously ten times better than mine! I love it when Katie cooks the meals because she is always trying new things, so we get a wide variety of food in our home. Also, her chocolate chip cookies are seriously my most favorite cookies in the world. I can see Katie cooking these cookies for our future children when they come home from school. Here is a picture of me trapping Katie just before she was about to do some cooking.

3) Katie is ORGANIZED!! Now that does not mean she is a clean freak, but she does like everything in its proper place. I truly love this about Katie, even though sometimes I joke around a lot about it with her. It is great always knowing where everything is in the home.

4) She tries new things. Katie and I have different interests, but she tries some of the things I like to do. For example, shooting. Katie has never really shot guns before, but this summer we bought her a bb gun and she sure is a dead eye with it. She has also shot my .22 rifle. This a picture of her trying snorkeling during our cruise.

5) Katie is absolutely cute! I know what your thinking... every husband has to say that about his wife. Which is true, but it doesn't dismiss the fact that I still think she is cute. Plus, I am not the only one who thinks so. Almost everyday one of Katie and my co-workers tells me that she thinks Katie is so cute to which I reply saying she definitely is and I am lucky that she said yes when I asked her to marry me.

6) Katie is great at budgeting. Before we were married I often was happy if I had $100 in my bank account. Katie helped me see that budgeting is the way to go. This is because when we budget be are able to make our money go further, and have a lot more fun. I wish I would have realized this earlier.

7) Katie is a big tease. Just the other day Katie came up to me and said she stopped by an outlet sale for Downeast and spent $40. Well like I said earlier we stick to a budget as best as we can, but this is just not like Katie at all. So I ask her where the money came from, and she says, "Well I thought since you picked up an extra shift at work I could go shopping." Then she starts to laugh and told me she had some extra money saved up from allowance, Christmas, and such things.

8) Katie loves to shop. I love this about Katie because it is just fun to see Katie's face when she finds a good deal. It just lights up and looks all excited. It is just so funny and cute.

9) Katie loves kids! I love seeing Katie play with my nieces and nephews. Katie and I always have enjoyed being with children and we cannot wait to have our own someday. We are so excited that we have purchased and made a lot of things for a future child and Katie has even made a lot of clothes.

10) Katie is so helpful. Katie is always wanting to help people out with whatever they need. During our first Christmas when dating Katie suggested that we should "adopt" a child for Christmas. We got them presents and cloths since their families were not going to be able to provide much of a Christmas. We have continued this tradition for six years and hope to do it for the rest of our lives. Katie is always thinking of others, trying her best to help them anyway she can.