Many people aren't very familiar with adoption or the adoption process and have a lot of questions for us.

1. Why are you adopting? Don't you want kids of your "own" first?
We would love to have biological children, even with the yucky things pregnancy brings like nausea, weight gain, and epidurals. However, things don't always turn out the way we plan and it looks like Heavenly Father has a different plan for us, and that is ok. We are super excited with the prospect of adopting and any child we have, whether through adoption or biologically, will be a child of our "own" that we will love and cherish. Long story short, we aren't adopting because we hate children or don't want Katie to loose her figure, we are adopting so that we can have an eternal family!

2. What kind of adoption do you want?
We definitely want to have an open adoption. We want our children to grow up knowing where they came from and that they are loved by many different people. Research shows that open adoptions tend to be better for everyone involved. Besides, can you ever have too much family?

3. Do you want to adopt a girl or a boy?
Either! We love girls and boys! We feel that the right baby will come into our home regardless of gender. We want whatever our Heavenly Father wants for us.