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It may be hard for you to feel like you know us well enough just by reading about our day to day activities. Maybe it will help to hear what some of our friends and family have to say about us.

* I sincerely hope that you stop to look at Adam and Katie's blog, and consider them to give your child a home. I have had the chance to work with both of them, and definitely consider them friends. From a work prospective, they are dedicated, and hard working. Katie is amazing at handling difficult situations with grace, always with a ready smile. Adam can make anyone laugh after a difficult moment. Now that might not seem important but I can tell you, it is. I know that when it comes to raising a child they will give nothing but the best they can, Katie will be the most amazing, kind, patient mother, excited to help children learn and grow. Adam is one who will always put family before his career, but is going to work hard to make sure he can provide for his family. And both he and Katie will love and support their children, no matter what. I knew what amazing people and future parents they would be after a terrible accident happened in my family. They were both so attentive and helpful, and willing to do almost anything. They even offered to watch our daughter and I would never have any problems trusting them with her.

I want to let you know, that if something were to happen to my husband and I and Katie and Adam were to take our daughter into their home, I would have no doubt that they would love her and help her to grow into an amazing person I could be proud of. Please consider them as the adoptive parents to your little angel.

~ Sami

* I have known Katie and Adam Johnson for over twenty years. Both of them have been friends and classmates of my children. Katie grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same schools as my children. Adam played high school soccer and competitive soccer with my son. Katie and Adam come from strong families who have taught their children endearing values. Both extended families are faithful members of their church, willing to serve and help when needed. They are a very close knit and loving family. Family comes first. I have observed how kind and caring Katie and Adam are to each other as well as to family and friends. They are fun-loving and enjoy life to its fullest. I would think they would be exceptional parents- loving, caring, responsible in every way. They would cherish the children brought into their lives.

~ Joanne

* I have watched Katie from a tiny little girl to where she is today. Katie would be a great mother. She has always been so kind and loving to everyone she comes in contact with, especially young children. She enjoys spending quality time with them. Katie has great skills to teach and nurture and love them. Katie and Adam’s greatest desire is to have children and love and teach them and give them all they need to succeed and be happy, and have a wonderful life. I would really consider them as great parents to anyone looking to adopt.

~Aunt Kellie

* I am Katie's older sister and I know that Katie and Adam will be wonderful parents. Katie has wanted to be a mother ever since we were little girls fighting over who got to be the mommy and the daddy when we played "house". Since she's been married, Katie has been dreaming of the day she would be able to have her own little one - from thinking about the perfect name to picking up cute baby clothes, she is excited to start the next phase in her life. Katie and Adam are very good people with high moral standards and faith in God. Any child raised in their home would know that they are a child of God and grow up with a good set of values. Katie and Adam are such fun people and are always making time to do creative things together and to just make each other feel special. Katie is very good at making a house feel like home. Her house is always orderly and clean, but most importantly, comfortable and peaceful to be in. I love watching these two with my daughter Nora. Katie shows her so much love and attention and Adam is just fun with her. These two will certainly be amazing parents!

~ Savanna

* Katie is a wonderful young woman. This Grandma is very blessed to have her in my life.
As she was growing up I could see her mom in her, that told me then and now that she was a very sweet and caring and kind person, that would do most anything she could for anyone.
I have seen the nice service that she has given to others. I love her dearly and enjoy having her around.
I know that she will be a wonderful mother someday. It might a little longer but it will happen. We all hope this will happen soon. I pray this will be before I go. All we can do is pray.
It will happen. I have seen Katie and Adam with the little ones and I know you both will be wonderful parents. I love you that much.

~ Grandma and Grandpa

* One of the things I love about Katie and Adam is the fact that they don’t give up when faced with adversity.
You can see that they love each other very much, and will make wonderful parents one day. I have watched Katie grow into a very caring individual. Adam added just the right fun and excitement that keeps Katie on her toes.
I have no doubt that when the time is right someone will know in her heart that you, Katie and Adam, would make the wonderful parents that I know you will be.

~ Aunt Deanna

* If I had to think of a few words to sum Katie and Adam up it would be caring, fun... I could go on but basically they are all around good people. Katie, my big sister has always been there for me and has always been a great example to me. She is a wonderful person to look up to and any kid would be more than lucky to call her mom. Adam has basically been part of my family since I was in jr high. He always has been able to look at the bright side of things and make people laugh. I know that's both of them are going to make somebody very happy to know that they will be their mom and dad!

~ Little sister Abby

* I knew both Katie and Adam throughout grade-school and if I remember, they were even highschool sweethearts. If there is one thing I remember about these two, it is that they are the type of people that are kind to everyone. Not just to their friends, or to people who were kind to them first, but truly, to everyone. They both always seemed to have a smile on their face and would go out of their way to help those who maybe needed a friend or a word of encouragement. If I ever passed them in the halls at highschool, they were always quick to smile and ask me how I was or make sure to tell me to have a good day. Anyone in their presence can tell that Katie and Adam have the ability to make anyone feel happy and of value. It is a part of both of their characters to treat others well, and it is a wonderful and lifelong trait.

~ Lindsey

* We think Katie and Adam will make great parents for some lucky kids. As Katie’s parents we noticed that ever since Katie was small she would help look after children that didn’t have many friends or that had challenges in their lives. We were not at all surprised that Katie studied child development in college, along with learning other skills that would help her as a mother, such as sewing and cooking. Katie is great with little kids, and they love to be around her. She and Adam quickly grow attached to children they have taken care of, and really found it hard when they had to move recently and leave behind two little friends. But not to worry, they still keep in touch! When they finally get children of their own they will be welcomed into the family with open arms.

~ Katie's Mom & Dad

* Adam and Katie were great neighbors and friends! They would organize dinners & get togethers with our apartment complex and they were always fun and the food delicious! Both of them worked and went to school so they were great at organizing their schedules and making sure they had enough time to excel at work and school, but also make time for their friends and family. They love children and Adam would babysit for a family friend every Tuesday while the mother worked. Adam would go out of his way to plan fun activities for the kids and you could tell that they both loved to take care of the children! My husband and I miss our dinner dates and chatting with the Johnson's, since they have moved, but we know that they are a couple that will be successful in what they want with their lives and any child that they adopt will be a lucky child indeed!

~ Maria & Kevin

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