Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Grandpa

Last weekend my Grandpa turned 80 years old.



Dear Grandpa (or Bebo as I used to call you),

The world is so lucky to have had you for these past 80 years and I feel so blessed to have had you as my Grandpa! I really think you are the best grandpa that a girl could ask for and I have looked up to you for my whole life. I love how you can talk to absolutely anyone. I love that you are always there for your family. And, I love that you are always willing to share your opinions and share of yourself.
Grandpa, I really admire how you are willing to serve anyone and everyone. I myself have been blessed by bags of flour, pounds of hamburger, as well as sacks of potatoes, onions, and garden vegetables. Thank you. 

Adam and I are also eternally grateful for the support you have given us throughout our adoption. We hope to someday be as good of parents as you are! You are such a great example in everything that you are. 

I am so thankful for the 27 years of memories that I have been able to share with you. What other girl can saying that her grandpa hid things like tissues or golf balls in her shoes or stole Stove Top stuffing off of her plate at Thanksgiving? I’ve also learned so many things from you. I’ll never forget that soy sauce is made from grasshopper spit, raisins are dead flies without wings, and tapioca is actually frog eggs.

Love Always,

Your Grand Daughter Katie

P.S. Have fun on your upcoming cruise to Alaska. I would have loved to experience that with you, but I look forward to hearing all about it once you get home!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Happy Father's Day to the men that make our wonderful lives possible! We love you!

Free Fishing Day 2014

We all know how much Adam loves fishing and camping.

Saturday brought around the much anticipated Free Fishing Day. I was able to get off work early on Friday and Adam rushed to pick me up early. While passing through Idaho Falls we grabbed a delish dinner from Sweeto Burrito and hit the road to go camping near Palisades.

The camping trip didn't quite turn out as planned. Once we got into the mountains and had been outside for only a short time, we realized that in our rush after work, we had forgotten our coats. Between the 2 of us, we had one hoodie, mine. I lent my hoodie to Adam Saturday morning so he could fish while I huddled in my sleeping bag.

He looks good in it right?

Despite forgetting our coats, we found the perfect camping spot. One that allowed Adam to fish close by and me to sleep in longer or relax while Adam fished. However, we did find ourselves surrounded by cow patties (some very fresh) and these camping buddies:

Friday night was pretty uncomfortable. Our air mattress decided to not hold in air. Apparently Adam found it more comfortable to sleep on top of me half of the night than on the deflated sheet of rubber! All in all though, I think the camping trip was a success. Adam purchased a camping toilet so that I didn't have to squat in the woods. That made camping more bearable. Adam caught a fish. And, although it was 9:30 in the morning when we began heading home due to the cold and some rain, I got a Carmel Caribou square ice cream cone. That made me a happy camper!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chicken Wire

Have you ever had your thumb impaled by a piece of chicken wire? No? Well, it was a new experience for Adam too.

Adam was helping a cousin tear tile out of the bathroom when the chicken wire impaled his thumb and he had to go to the emergency room to get it pulled out. Hopefully the bathroom remodel turns out well!