Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family Weekend

Nora (and Savanna and Joe of course) came to visit this weekend. She was mugged by family all weekend! She is such a cutie, but I am sure Locklynn will give her a run for her money when he pops in soon!
My dad dibsed Nora first and he had fun cuddling with her. He took her out to his garden and she came back with this:


This weekend also brought the annual family reunion for my dear Grandma's family. It was held all weekend at a campground by a near by reservoir.
Here's Grammy with all of her sisters.
Gram with her little brother.
Sweet Nora.
Adam and Joe went to the reservoir for a crawdad expedition. Well they came back with a crawdad, but they were both soaking wet from a big rainstorm that had opened up.

Sorry, they're a little dark!

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