Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Family Reunion

Last weekend we traveled to Utah for a family reunion for a side of Adam's family that hasn't gotten together in years. It was at this reunion that we discovered that Adam actually has an Uncle Bean! Uncle Bean helped take care of and raise Adam's grandma after her dad passed away. We got to spend time with these kiddos:
And have a 4 eye photo shoot because Hannah and Kayden just got glasses.
Then we got to watch an awesome talent show where Hailey got up to share her piano playing talent... even though she doesn't play the piano...HaHa! She ended up singing a song instead. That girl loves the spotlight.
While in Utah we also spent some quality time at Cabela's for Adam, hit some malls for me, finished our Christmas shopping, visited Adam's grandpa who will be 93 in a few weeks, and swung by to view the new Brigham City Temple.

Man, the weekends always end too soon!

P.S. Check out Emily and Aaron. They are great members of Adam's family who are also hoping to adopt.

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  1. I love the four eyes picture! I bet those girls really look up to you!