Sunday, March 3, 2013


Adam and I are progressive. Or at least we were when it came to dinner last night. See, our ward put on a progressive dinner where you go to different people's houses for different courses of dinner. We hosted some couples at our apartment for appetizers. I was a little worried having a lot of couples in our small apartment and making appetizers (which I have never done). Nevertheless, the night turned out great and was a lot of fun.

Adam and I made pinwheel thingies for the appetizer. They were really good. We spent a lot of Friday cleaning our apartment so it would be spic and spam for our guests. I had to work on Saturday, so when I got home we were in a bit of a rush to chop up everything and whip up our culinary master piece. The result... everything we didn't want people to see got shoved into our dishwasher! Apparently we were is a pretty big hurry. Today we found some cleaning wipes in a drawer with our Tupperware lids.
It sure was a lot of fun to eat good food and visit with new people. We are looking forward to doing it again next year!

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