Thursday, November 24, 2011

Early Thanksgiving

Luckily Katie got off of work early tonight so we are heading over the river and through the woods so that we can spend Thanksgiving with Adam’s extended family. It was a blessing for Katie to get off of work early so that we can try to get to our destination before a storm hits.

What we really wanted to write about today is our early Thanksgiving experience. Our hearts are truly full today and someone out there deserves our thanks. Here’s why: We pulled out our credit card bill and bank statement to balance our check book today. We were almost done when we ran into a deposit on our bank statement that we didn’t recognize. The description for the large deposit said, “Heard you’re adopting. So happy for you.”

We couldn’t believe it! Someone cares so much about us and our adoption endeavors that they would secretly give us money. We’ll admit that that we were so touched and Katie cried a little bit. We feel that this is another way of Heavenly Father helping us in our journey and confirming that this is the right path for us to take. He has an angel out there helping us. Whoever you are, thank you.

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