Thursday, December 1, 2011


As we mentioned earlier we are very grateful for the blessings we have received while we have begun our adoption journey. We are grateful for those who are supporting us. We are grateful for adoption. We're grateful for eternal families.

We had a great Thanksgiving with all of Adam's extended family. It was a weekend of food, family, fun, and shopping. We volunteered to make apple pie for Thanksgiving. Last year our apple pie looked like it had skin cancer and Katie's dad said the apples were too hard. This year, everyone loved our pie! It was a great improvement.

Thanksgiving morning we were also in charge of making "Peanutbutter Jiggers" in the family hotel room. It was certainly a challenge. We feel like we should write a hotel room cook book. Measurements would be in coffee mugs which would also have to be used to crush items. Cups, no matter the shape, would been used as rolling pins. This is what we did!

We ended up melting chocolate for the top in the microwave at the church house we were eating at. Adam insisted that we should add milk to the chocolate to make it creamier. He said, "I know this will work! I watch CHOPPED all of the time!" Well, it didn't work so much!
Later, Adam went Black Friday shopping with his sister, Alesha. He made sure everyone knew that he loves shopping on Black Friday... and eBay He helped her get a new TV for her house and an ipod. The next day we hit some sales to finish our Christmas shopping.

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