Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best Valentine's Day EVER!

Yesterday was the best Valentine's Day ever, which is saying a lot since Adam and I have been together for 7 Valentine Days and have never had a great one together.

Our day began with Adam surprising me with a nice homemade breakfast of lemon poppy seed muffins and sausage. Both things that I love! He also surprised me with 2 roses. I gave him... a card. As the day progressed I felt like my gift was pretty lame in comparison to all Adam did for me!

It was obvious that Adam put a lot of thought into everything. For the most part he kept all of his surprises a secret. He also worked everything out so I could have work off to enjoy the day with him! Throughout the day he made me feel so special and loved. It made me really want to see him be a daddy.

Another activity we did for Valentine's Day is a photography scavenger hunt. It was pretty fun. Here are some of the photos we had to get.
The place we first held hands:

We first held hands on a dance date in 10th grade. It only lasted a few seconds between dances, but I defiantly wrote about it in my journal!

The place we had our first kiss:

We had our first kiss on the doorstep in my parent's garage. Adam was going home for the night after we had watched The Little Mermaid. He was inspired by "Kiss the Girl".

After we had found most of the things we needed to take pictures of, we went to dinner. Adam let me choose, so we ate at Garcia's which is one of my favorite places to eat. I always get the Pollo Fundito. Yum! They also have delish bean dip! So good!

Finally, Adam had me close my eyes so we could go to our next destination. I actually had my eyes closed for close to a half hour because we got stuck behind a train. But, when I opened my eyes, it was all worth it! Adam took me to stay a night in England at Destinations Inn. Our room was beautiful, relaxing, clean, and comfortable. We lounged around eating cheese cake and Adam gave me a foot and back massage. When we walked into our room there was a box of chocolates on the bed and a rose. Adam says I got three roses for Valentines Day because we're going on our third year of marriage now. Our room also had a huge projector so we ended the night watching a movie. Adam packed a bunch of our chick flicks and let me choose the movie. We had a great time watching Doris Day's "It Happened to Jane", or at least I did!

Secret passage into our bathroom! I want one of those in my house one day! The secret passage way that is, not the bathroom, but we will need those too.


  1. I'm so happy you had a great Valentine's Day! You both deserve it!

  2. not fair! I'm glad your day was great! Adam's pretty awesome! You better show me more pics this weekend!