Monday, February 13, 2012

Last Week

"Last Week" is not such a creative title for a blog post, but I REALLY couldn't think of anything else to call this post because it really is just about our last week.

To begin with, each day last week we watched Star Wars. I have never seen all of the episodes... or really had much interest, but Adam really felt I needed to be educated in the ways of the Star Wars. And, educated I was. I learned new vocabulary like Tatooine, jabberwalkie, padawan, galactica, and sith. I have even used them in my everyday conversation, especially padawan. Much to Adam's disappointment, I did not find Star Wars as fascinating as he would have likes. Here is a cute fact about Adam... Star Wars episode 6: Return of the Jedi is Adam's favorite episode. Why? Because he thinks that the jabberwalkies are like cute little bears! 'Nuf Said!

Here is something else cute about Adam:

Adam made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies this week and I am pretty sure that they taste better than even MY cookies!

He also made Cheesy Garlic Swirl Rolls to take to his nephew's first birthday party.

We took a small vacation to go visit and celebrate Sam's birthday. Tiffany is Adam's sister and she made a Super Sam cape and cake for Sam's birthday. She really is a super mom! She even made a pasta bar for us to feast on. Here's some pictures of our nieces and nephews that we love so much:

Tickle Time with Kayden

Sam enjoying his very own cake

Riley eating a lemon slice from the lemon water. She ate the whole thing! We asked her later if she liked it and she said no. When we asked why she ate it she said because it was funny!

This is Adam's dad

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