Sunday, April 22, 2012


April has gone by so quickly! It's been a great month of nice weather and other good things.
Nora Elizabeth was born and we got to visit her. I am really excited to be able to see her again in a few weeks. I just finished making a cute tulle and ribbon tutu for her!

I made my first ever real cake (I've only ever made regular 13*9's), with my mom's help of course. It was a chocolate and chocolate chip cheese cake cake. It involved 3 layers, ganache, chocolate butter cream frosting, and real baked cheesecake. All stuff I had never done before. It turned out pretty good.

My grandparents had us to Easter dinner. To thank them the next week we made them dinner, partied, and ate the cake.

Adam got his braces off after having them on for about 2 years. He was super excited! His teeth look great and he is more handsome then ever.

We visited Yellowstone with my parents during free National Park week. Our car got up close and personal with some bison and we also saw elk, a coyote, and some heron, and of course Old Faithful.

After our Yellowstone day trip we feasted on Kebabs and Naan bread with our next door neighbor. And today, we had our home teachers and their families over for dinner.


  1. Cute picture of you and momma! Nate loved that cake! It does sound like you guys have had a busy month!! Love you!