Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 17 and 18

The 18th was our last day in New Zealand. We were sad to leave our vacation and our friends and go back to real life and responsibilities, but we were looking forward to living out of a closet again instead of a suitcase.
Before we caught our flight out of New Zealand we were able to attend sacrament at one of Adam's mission wards. We ate dinner with his old bishop as well and bade everyone farewell.
Then it was off to our long long flight, which inevitably caused us elephant legs and kankles again. After we landed in LA, we were so tired that we staying in our hotel room the rest of the day. We ordered in pizza, layed around, and tried to recoup for our flight home the next day.
The highlight of the day definitely was coming home to our apartment to find this:

Not only were there balloons and a sign, but delicious dinner in the fridge and cupcakes on the table. It was so nice to know that we were missed and that we are loved. We have great family. Thanks mom and Abby. We will never forget!

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