Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fun June Weekends

June is almost over, but we've had a couple of fun weekends. Well, last weekend Adam didn't have very much fun because he was studying and taking a hard test, but I had fun watching the air show from my front steps. It was great to watch the colorful old planes and the trick planes. They were soooo close though, that sometimes I was afraid they would crash into our house! One actually did crash the night before in the golf course down the block while doing practice tricks! Thank goodness the pilot walked away ok, but the plane was destroyed.

Yesterday we were able to be in attendance for my Grandpa's 78th birthday party! I love that man! Here's to many more years Grandpa!

Today, after we finished making a bunch of freezer meals for this next busy week, Adam and I went to the zoo because we had free tickets from work. We hadn't been to the zoo since high school so it was neat to go back to see all the old things and all the new things like the tiger. Um, a real, live one, not the one Adam is sitting one!

It was fun at the zoo. Adam kept talking about how he'd love to have a zoo some day and what kind of animals he would have there. He has soooo many dreams.

It was also Derek's birthday today (Adam's brother) and we got to go out to eat with them. Derek chose to eat at the Blue Hashi. I was a little scared at first because it is a sushi restaurant and I am not too thrilled about raw fish and have never had sushi (Adam enjoys both). I decided to bite the bullet and try some sushi! I tried the panda sushi roll (with cooked fish) and despite the seaweed it was pretty good. I even tried Adam's (cooked) azul sushi roll and some calamari that they had for an appetizer. Thanks for the adventure and happy 30th birthday Derek!

P.S. Everyone check out this movie preview. The Odd Life of Timothy Green looks like the perfect movie for us to see, even if I cry the whole time. I am super excited to see it. Luckily Adam and I have not had THAT meeting with a doctor yet, but it just feels like it hits home. Maybe we can sit down and write down what our kid will be like and bury it in our garden... or tomato pot...

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  1. I love the trailer! You guys sound like things are going well.