Sunday, June 10, 2012

Annual Family Weenie Roast

We've been having busy,family filled weekends. Last weekend was Adam's extended family's annual weenie roast so we hopped on the band wagon and headed to Utah. The night before the big event, we stayed at Adam's sister, Tiffany's, house. All the family got together at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Adam's graduation (which was in December...) and his brother, Josh's, graduation. Adam and I are sort of becoming foodies and we loved our delicious food and lemon cake that we ate! We could probably eat at the Cheesecake Factory everyday for a month for all 3 meals and never try the same thing because the menu is so huge!
Then, the next day we gorged ourselves on yummy hotdogs and homemade picnicy salads. I picked up a new yummy salad recipe and y'all know how much I love new recipes and food! All of the kids were enjoying the rope swing so I decided to give it a go. Boy are those kids brave!

Niece Riley

The best thing about the weekend was being able to see family, especially Adam's grandpa who is in his 90's. He is a great man! He reminds me quite a bit of my own farmer grandpa who I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Oh, P.S. This last Tuesday was the Venus eclipse. Adam was so excited to see it, like a little kid. He built a cardboard viewing box to see the eclipse without burning out his eyes. It was really funny, but then really sad because it ended up being cloudy so it didn't even work!

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  1. HAHA! the picture with the box on his head!!! I about peed my pants!!! that's so funny!