Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend

We spent a very nice Memorial Weekend with family this year. On Saturday we celebrated Adam's parent's (Kent and Karen) 40th anniversary!
Adam grilled some great burgers and I made a Waldorf salad. Adam's sisters had put his mom's wedding dress out on display. One of the best parts of the night was watching his nieces try on the wedding dress. Then, their grandpa would carry them to the bathroom to admire themselves. Of course another great part of the night was seeing Adam try to dance on a Kinect game and get whomped by his 8 year old niece, Hannah, who basically quadrupled his score! Haha! That boy really can't dance, but neither can I.
These are my favorite pictures that I took of the nieces. The first one is Riley and the second is Hailey. They had so much fun and I can remember doing the same thing when I was a little girl. On Sunday we spent time with family and visited my Grandparents whom I visited most every Sunday growing up. I love them so much. Even though it was super cold, Adam and I met up with my parents at the Grant cemetery to visit Baby J. My Mom helped us buy some bright pretty flowers to leave. We still love and miss Baby J, and I think Baby J's grandparent's do too.
Adam loving pulled out three flowers to place right on the plaque. It was so sweet to watch him arrange them there. He even wiped some bird poop off for me. My mom helped me clear the edges of some grass.
Adam's birthday was this weekend too so he opened presents on Sunday night. We ate some strawberry pie which is one of my family's favorites! We even added some candles for Adam to blow out. Adam was excited to get a new golf bag, a golf putter, and a golf course gift card. He has been on a golf kick lately. This year I triple wrapped Adam's present, you know the whole box within a box thing. He has had a bad habit of ruining my surprises by shaking his presents and guessing what they are ahead of time. Not this year. Haha!
Monday was Adam's actual birthday. I took him to see the Avenger's which he loved. Then, since we love trying new food so much Adam chose to try out a new place, Rumbi Island Grill, with his parents. Finally, we ended the night by coming back home and going out to a local Mexican restaurant for delicious fried ice cream.

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