Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Year Older

Well, I am one year older, and hopefully wiser too. I had a great birthday thanks to my great husband.
First off, Adam MADE me open my present early. It was hidden in the closet and he had the doors tied closed, but he didn't think I would be able to resist peaking. It was a punching bag, stand, and pink gloves. I was excited.
We celebrated my birthday this last weekend because of work and school and such. I think this was the best birthday ever. To start out with we went to the Dollar Store and bought supplies to build boats. Then we assembled our individual boats in the car and raced then in a pond that we found. Adam's boat sunk at first and the wind kept blowing our boats in circles, but Adam's boat eventually won.
Next, we played black light miniature golf.

Then, we went shooting. I shot my BB gun and Adam worked on sighting in his dad's 30.06 rifle for his future hunting trip.

When we got done shooting we drove into town so we could go to our dinner destination, but all of a sudden we spotted an Indian restaurant. Adam immediately did a u-turn and I got to feast on naan and butter chicken, which I haven't had since New Zealand. Yum!

Finally, We grabbed some ice cream, camped out on our mattress in the living room, and watched a couple of Redbox movies. It was a great time.

Yesterday, on my actual birthday, my mom came for a surprise visit. She brought me her special funny cake and took me to lunch at a new Mexican restaurant I had wanted to try.

Of course, I also received this photo in my e-mails which helped seal the deal that this birthday was the best so far.
Thanks everyone! Please refer to the previous post for another excellent gift idea!

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