Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Weekend

This weekend Adam and I went our separate ways. He went rifle hunting for elk with his dad. I was happy for him to spend time hunting with his dad because he has fond memories of doing that growing up. I am also happy that he didn't catch kill anything.

While Adam was out gallivanting in the woods I spent time with my family. First, I went to the cemetery to see Baby J's new marker that my Dad and Grandpa are working on putting in. I helped design it at Etched in Stone. I like how it turned out and it will last a lot longer than what we had before... it was already wearing out.
Next, I visited my Grandma and Grandpa. It was their 58th wedding anniversary. I love them so much!

And I played with Nora and Locklynn while I was visiitn. The time is coming closer for when Savanna, Joe, and Nora move to New Mexico. It will be a sad day indeed.

Look! Here is Nora with her taggy blanket that I made her. She loves it! And P.S. Isn't her hair so cute!

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  1. You always get cute pics of Nora. You better put them on the Walmart site for me!