Sunday, November 25, 2012


Adam and I were very grateful to spend time with family this weekend, especially since Savanna and Nora are leaving to New Mexico tomorrow and we don't know when we will see them again :( We also had family pictures this weekend, sans Joe who had to meet the movers in New Mexico.

I tried to take advantage of all the time I had with Savanna and Nora. I helped bath her a couple of times... well really I just watched her play and Savanna bathed her. Savanna and I both swear that on Thanksgiving Eve during her bath Nora said, "Gobble Gobble!"

Look how binkly her toes got!
We opened up our Christmas presents from each other since we won't get to see each other for awhile. Since Joe couldn't be there in person he joined us live from New Mexico on Skype.

While our feast was cooking on Thanksgiving we played Monoploly and Nate won. Locklynn couldn't figure out the rules so he just ate.

Mom and dad made a delicious turkey compliments of Our Best Bites.
But poor Nora just ate orange mush for her first Thanksgiving. I bet that is not what she had in mind the night before when she said, "Gobble Gobble!"

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