Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

This year, the week of Valentine's day was super busy! Besides work for me and school for Adam, our dishwasher broke on the 12th, we had a ward progressive dinner on the 13th and we made a dessert for it on the 12th, Adam had a huge paper due at midnight on the 14th, I had a friend's wedding to attend to and help out at on the 14th, and Adam volunteered to show perspective Physical Therapy students around campus on the morning of the 15th. I, for one, have been super tuckered out!

Although Adam was trying to work like a madman on his paper, he took a break to help make the cake for the progressive dinner.
We made two Chocolate Oreo Cookie Cakes. They were delish and were a big hit!

Since this week held so much chaos for both of us, we held our Valentine's Day celebrations yesterday. It was kind of neat because we realized it had been 5 years since Adam had proposed! I was in charge of planning this year and while it was no where near what Adam has planned for us in the past, it was still fun and we improvised a lot. We started out by grabbing a quick lunch from the value menu at the Wendy's drive thru and a smoothie from Jamba. Then we perused the clearance Valentine's items at a few stores. Next, we played 2 rounds of bowling at ISU. We each won a game. Then, we went and played a round of miniature black light golf... which Adam won. We spent a little time wandering through furniture stores looking at couches, dining tables, and beds. We were just dreaming. Then we ate a delightful dinner at the new Mackenzie River Pizza. Finally, we came home and watched the US hockey team beat the Russian hockey team by a hair in the winter Olympics and we also watched Ender's Game from Redbox.


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