Monday, February 10, 2014

Resolution Should Haves

Apparently one of my New Years resolutions should have been blogging. I sure have been slacking. Here's what's been up with us:

At the end of January, Adam's Grandpa J turned 94. We were able to visit with him earlier in the month and listen to his classic Grandpa J stories while pop music played in the background. Haha! We learned that he taught soldiers how to operator turrets during WWII. Happy Birthday Grandpa J! Here's to many more!
In January I also finished 2 sewing projects- a little girl petal dress and tying a twin sized boy quilt called Popsicle Sticks. My mom and Adam helped tie the quilt and my mom did the binding. Some of the strips in the quilt are from Adam's old ties.

While I played with Locklynn and Abby, Adam helped my dad work on building a wall of book shelves. I helped Abby give Locklynn his very first bubble bath and she did a gel manicure on me.

I so love my family!

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  1. What a look Locky has! I miss you guys and can't wait to see you soon! That dress is so cute and I love the quilt. Its fun to try something new huh!