Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The End of 2013

Adam and I ended 2013 with a bang. Here are some highlights of what we have been up to:

December 20th 2013- We went to the Mystique dinner theater for my work Christmas party and watched the production of White Christmas. White Christmas may be our favorite Christmas movie. We love it.

December 24th 2013- During the day, we scrambled to finish making Christmas gifts for Adam's nieces and nephews. We spent the evening at my grandparents house eating goodies and playing games.
Grandma wouldn't let us get a good picture of her.
We opened up some presents back at my parents house. Adam and I gave Lock some bath toys. He loved them.
Lock's sign language for "Thank you."
Then, Locklynn, Abby, Nate, Adam, and I spent the night together waiting for Santa to come. Adam and I tried to sleep, we shared a twin mattress, but the problem was that Nate was snoring up a storm!
December 25th 2013- We had a very Merry Christmas. After opening presents, we began the day by eating crepes, sausage, and hash browns.
And I loved that Locklynn would only open up his presents if he was sitting on my lap.
December 26th 2013- Adam and I gave each other cross country skis for Christmas. We took 'em out for a a try and had a lot of fun at Kelly Canyon. I feel kind of good about myself because I am better at it than Adam. He can not stop when he is going down hill!

I have to admit that I was pretty sore the next few days though!

December 27th 2013- We spent the morning doing temple sealings with my parents. In the evening we went to Adam's parents house to spend time with them and Alesha, Tiffany, Darl, and their kiddos. Adam built Kayden a jewelry box. She liked it after she figured out what it was. Sam loved his wooden tool set and Riley loved her wands and play money.
December 28th 2013- We saw Frozen with Adam's family.

December 30th 2013- We ate lunch at Cafe Rio with our friends Taylor and Vanessa who were home visiting from Arkansas.We also bid ado to Tiffany, Darl, and the kids. Before they left Adam, Alesha, Tiffany, Karen, and I decided to see how strong we were by bench pressing Riley. No suprise to me, but I was the only one that couldn't do it!

January 1st 2014- After all of that time in Idaho Falls with family and friends, we are back on our own at home. Today we brought in the new year by cross country skiing on Scout Mountain. Adam's downhill skills have perhaps gotten worse. He fell at least 6 times today. Last night, while we waited for the famous ball to drop we watched Turbo and Oz The Great and the Powerful. We also ate Indian take out and brownie earthquakes. It has been so nice to spend time together and with family. I am super bummed to go back to work tomorrow. Lucky Adam doesn't have to go back to school until the 13th.

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