Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 In Review

This is the time of year that mailboxes fill up with Christmas cards and newsletters. Unfortunately for you, we have yet to start that annual tradition. However, you luck out because you have a whole year’s worth of blog posts to review, and to make things easier this post will be a review of our year! It has been a year of ups and downs to say the least. 

Adam has completed 1 ½ years of graduate school. This means that he is officially half way through his Physical Therapy program and ½ of a Physical Therapist. This year he did an internship in Soda Springs, ID and West Valley, UT. Both clinics offered him a job at the completion of his schooling. I am super proud of him! Of course you all know Adam… all work and no play make Adam a dull boy. So, he plays all of the time. He went hunting a bunch this year and even harvested 2 Forest Grouse (or gross! JK)

I, Katie, have been keeping busy with bringing home the bacon as Adam’s sugar momma. I can also always be found with a book in hand or working on a sewing project. This year I also decided to enroll in an online photography class and a photo editing class. They didn’t work out so much, but I stuck up for myself and got all of our money back, which was a big accomplishment. Another big thing for me this year was going to the General Women’s conference in Utah. 

We didn’t go on any big exciting vacations this year, but we found fun things to do around the area. For Adam’s spring break, we went to Utah and enjoyed the color festival. We also visited the Salt Lake, Brigham City, and Oquirrh Mountain temples this year. We took a trip to Yellowstone with Adam’s parents and siblings. Although it might be surprising, I went camping TWICE this year. On one of our camping trips we got to see hot air balloons in Driggs. 

Here’s something unusual about this year, we didn’t move. That is something we’ve been used to doing during our college career.  I, for one, experienced the “it’s been a year and we haven’t moved” itch. We rearranged our furniture… twice… instead.
As always, we are still trying to adopt. We held another adoption garage sale this year and we continually collect things to recycle to help boost our funds. 

Last, but not least, we bought each other cross country skis for Christmas. We had gone cross country skiing at the beginning of the year and had a lot of fun. We are looking forward to exploring the local back country and mastering our cross country skills.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
The Johnsons

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  1. Love the Christmas card on the blog. I sounds like you guys had an exciting year. I would love to hear about the Photography class story. You two are adorable and I hope that one day you can adopt.