Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Adam and I spent the weekend in Yellowstone- where the water is so hot that if you touch it you will go to the hospital (thank you for teaching that important information to all of the bystanders Hailey!)

We were hanging out with the yellow stones and Adam's entire family (-2). One of his sisters and her kids were even visiting from the Virginia/DC area. While we were in Yellowstone we walked the little Uncle Tom's Trail. Those 328 stairs were not small in my opinion. Aubrey thought it was a piece of cake, but I told her it was because she is only 10! Geez, these kids are supposed to give me an excuse to take a breather!

We also toured around in the family motor home (which, is different than a trailer... thanks for educating me on the differences there too Hailey!)

God be with you til we all meet together again BIG J FAMILY.

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  1. Love your pictures! Amelia found out that Yellowstone Park is a super volcano waiting to blow and kill us all, and now she doesn't want to visit anymore. Even after I told her she'd die quicker if we were IN the park as opposed to being in Rexburg.......didn't seem to appease her. Crazy. :-)