Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Girl's Night

This weekend I went to the conference center in Utah for the General Relief Society Broadcast with Adam's mom, Karen, and his sisters Tiffany and Alesha. It was really nice to be there in person and I was so glad that they invited me to go along with them. I had never been to any conference session before!

After the conference we went to dinner at this cute little place called Ruth's Diner. It is an old fashioned diner in a trolley car. Fun and yummy!

While we were in Utah, Adam and I took little Sam (Tiffany's son) out shopping with us. On the way home we stopped at Zuppas for lunch. He loved his kids meal. He was super excited that his sandwich had cheese inside of it (it was grilled cheese). He also loved his chocolate covered strawberry. He ate all of the chocolate off first and then ate the strawberry. After our last stop for the afternoon Sam said, "Let's go to another store and have a good time!" Later, when Tiffany asked what he did with us he said that he had just gone to lunch and got pop! I guess we know the way to that kid's heart!

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