Monday, October 14, 2013

Savanna Banana

My older sister's name is Savanna. Savanna got married shortly after I graduated from high school. She lives in New Mexico with her husband Joe and daughter Nora. Savanna is a dental hygienist. As such, she has to take continuing education classes, the most recent of which brought her back to Idaho. My mom and dad, Abby, Locklynn, Adam, and I packed up and headed to see her for the weekend. It was a lot of driving and too short of a trip, but very worth it.
I always wished for a brother while I was growing up, but I think I am pretty blessed with the family that I have. I know we will all be together forever, but I sure wish we were closer together now!

More about Savanna:
- She is obsessed with teeth. Even her nightmares are about teeth.
- Her curly hair... it is all natural and gorgeous.
- Abby and I once tied Savanna to a door while she was baby sitting us.
- I will never eat a meatloaf that Savanna cooks. Once she had to put one in the oven for our mom and she left the plastic wrap over the top.
- She sings and plays the piano. She even dabbles in the violin. She was in several choirs and plays in her teens.
- When she was little, she had to get stitches after she ran into the corner of the wall and split her head open.

Anyway, here is another Before & After photo edit for my class. Feedback is always welcome.
The assignment was to edit out a power line by using the "clone tool". Plus, I tried to bump up the color as much as I knew how. Can you tell that there used to be a power line?

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