Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pre-Halloween Festivities

This has been a Halloweenie week for our family. On Thursday, Adam and I got together with some of his friends from the PT program for a pumpkin carving contaest. We didn't win, but of course we should have! (JK! JK!) But seriously, look at this thing!

In case you couldn't tell just by the amazing artistic ability, ours is the awesome Frankenstein face. I drew it and Adam carved it. Others used Pinterest and stencils, but all we used is my brain! Maybe we should turn to Pinterest next year!

I mean, look at all of our tough competition! We are good losers though and we had a lot of fun. We can't wait until next year!

Today, Adam and I volunteered at the Student Physical Therapy Association's Costume Fun Run. Both of us had family come to do the 5K with us. It was my first 5K ever and it went partly through an old cemetary. I mostly walked, although I jogged down 2 hills. Yay me! My dad and I finished in about 45 minutes and Adam, Alesha, and his dad finished in 50. Then we all ate lunch at Butterburrs. Yum, yum!

 Adam's costume of choice was a hunter and I wore his very large soccer ref clothes. The others didn't dress up, but my dad did buy one of the run's t-shirts. Adam and I created the shirts and my brother-in-law Nate drew the picture. He really is artistic, unlike our attempt with our pumpkin.

Cross your fingers and wish Adam good luck. This next week is finals week. He is done with 1 1/2 years of his program. Halfway done!!!

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  1. That's cool! I want to see a closer picture of the shirt! That's awesome you all designed it!