Monday, April 21, 2014

Pop Quiz

Quick, pop quiz! What happened on April 3rd 5 years ago (2009)?


We weren't planning anything this year because of our recent vacation, but both of us thought that 5 years was a pretty big deal and we wanted to do something about it. Darn Adam beat me to it! I was going to come home from work and take him out to dinner, but when I stepped in the door our table was set up in the living room with candles and our "fancy" plates. Adam acted as waiter and brought me my first course which was salad and Texas toast. Next, he brought in Hot Hawaiian pizza from MacKenzie River Pizza. I was ecstatic! Delicioso! Finally, we ate home made brownie earthquakes (Did you know Adam worked at DQ when he was in high school? We'll have to tell you the story of the time I walked into his store!) It was so simple, yet thoughtful. Adam had taken flowers to my work and they were sitting on my desk when I got there. He included 2 chocolate caramel Cadbury eggs (well 3, but he ate one) and a tear jerking card. I sure love that man!

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