Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break: Days 1 to 3ish

Last week was Adam's Spring Break! Woot! Woot! And, while we didn't go to Hawaii like some of Adam's family, we got in some nice warm weather and some fun. The goal of this Spring Break was to visit Savanna, Joe, and Nora in Silver City, New Mexico and we drug my mom and dad and Abby and Locklynn along with us. Locklynn did surprising well, even though Silver City is an 18 hour drive away.

Friday March 21, 2014- We I got off work for the day, we all packed into a rented mini van and hit the road. We stopped in Spanish Fork, Utah for a potty break and Abby got hit on in the gas station! We stopped for the night in little Wellington, Utah and poor little Lockie had a rough time. He cried and kept pointing to the door saying, "Daddy!"

Saturday March 22, 2014- We toured Arches National Park. It was amazing! Locklynn loved the big rocks and red dirt, but it was a little chilly and windy there. Afterwards, we took a pit stop to see the Monticello temple on our way to Cortez, Colorado.
Once in Cortez, we spent a little bit of time at Mesa Verde. It is this really cool place where you can see ancient cliff dwellings and other primitive habitats. It made me think of places that the Nephites and Lamanites from the Book of Mormon may have lived.

Finally, we crashed for the night in Cortez. Abby was pretty creaped out because the ceiling in our hotel was sparkly!

Sunday March 23, 2014- After attending a really good sacrament meeting (all of the little children were super quiet and reverent), we began our long journey to Silver City, but stopped at Four Corners. There isn't too much to see, but you seriously have to be at 4 places at once at least once in your life!
Please forgive my double chin!!!
Back on the road... Locklynn got a little bored...

Who can blame him?

More to come on Day 3 later... Savanna accidentally stole some of the pictures off of my camera.

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