Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break: Days 6 Until Our Return to Real Life

Thursday March 27, 2014- Sadly our visit to Savanna, Joe, and Nora came to an end.

We bid our adieus and hit the road again. This time were heading home in a round about way... through Phoenix. In Phoenix Adam, my mom, and I attended the Mesa temple. My dad had forgotten his temple recommend in his suit coat back in Idaho.

It was really nice to take a break from life and experience peace. Sigh. You want to know what else was nice? Eating a delicious dinner at Tia Rosas and watching Locklynn flirt with the ladies a the table next to us.

Friday March 28, 2014- Driving and traffic. Driving and traffic. Driving and traffic. Driving and traffic...

Saturday March 29, 2014- We spent the day in Las Vegas. Adam and I went to a showing of Cirque Du Soleil's Mystere at Treasure Island with my mom and dad. The dancers/acrobats are sure talented, and maybe I was just tired, but it was very very strange.

Sunday March 30, 2014- We left the warm weather of Vegas and Phoenix to come home to snow! It was a white knuckled drive home, but luckily we made it safely. My little Lock friend was sad when they dropped Adam and I off. When I hugged him goodbye he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me back into the car. Oh! Be still my heart! Don't worry little Lock! Maybe we can road trip again someday. And maybe we can see this little girl again soon!

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