Monday, April 21, 2014

The Dangers of Sports

Sports are dangerous. In my humble opinion. You see, every time I play a sport or even watch one, I get hit by the ball. One time before Adam's mission I got hit by a foul ball at the local Chuckar's baseball game. I kid you not. That darn ball chipped off some of my knee cartilage and left me bruise for months. The ball park offered to get the ball signed for me as a memento or something, but I didn't want that thing anywhere near me! See what I mean? Sports are dangerous. Just the other week I was trying to watch a volleyball game of Adam's and was chatting with someone outside the gym doors. Lo and behold the ball came whizzing out and almost hit me!

Now, Adam is not one to shirk at flying balls. He pretty much loves all things sports. Golf, soccer, football, softball, and on, and on, and on. But, SPORTS ARE DANGEROUS, and Adam sure has had to pay the price this last week.

1. 1 jammed thumb in intramural volleyball
2. Another jammed thumb in intramural softball
2. 1 major calf "raspberry" from sliding into 1st in intramural softball
3. 1 strained ankle from a rousing game of racket ball

I can be a pretty good cheerleader, but unfortunately not this year because I haven't been feeling well this sports season. Come to find out today, my gallbladder is only functioning at 12%. Looks like my future has the makings of a laparoscopic surgery.

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