Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NZ Trip- Day 1 (and 2)

Our trip began on March 2nd. After a flight to LAX we had a 9 hour lay over before our 12 hour flight to New Zealand! March 2nd and 3rd were full of flying, so nothing too exciting there.

Although we experiences a little turbulence, I don't think I am afraid of flying anymore. Flying, to me, has always been sort of like getting a shot. I sit stiffly in my seat on the plane and my anticipation builds as you listen to the engines beginning to roar loader and louder and faster and faster. My grip on Adam's hand grows tighter and tighter and my grimace grows larger and larger. But, once the plane actually takes off it isn't as bad as I expected and I can actually breath again and lower my shoulders.
Adam and I definitely learned a few things about long flights though. 1- Always request aisle seats so that you can get up and walk and use the restroom as much as you want. 2- Try to sit in as much seclusion as possible so that you don't have to smell others and what they are eating and drinking. You also won't have to continuously try to distract yourself from looking at the hairy guys next to you. 3- Never wear shorts or capris on a long flight. This way you and others don't have to see your nasty swollen kankles and elephant legs. 4- Don't plan on sleeping, it is not going to happen. Get plenty of rest before hand!

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