Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NZ Trip- Day 4

Wow! Our trip went by so fast, see we are already at day 4 which was the 5th of March.
Here are some highlights of day 4:

* I finally learned how to flush a New Zealand toilet. They don't have flush handles! There are two buttons on top of the toilet tank. One button is pushed when you pee and it is like a half flush. The second button is for #2, the poo. It flushes all of the way. New Zealand is big into conserving their water.

* Visiting the Ancient Kauri Kingdom in Awanui. The kingdom is a showroom for art work made out of ancient kauri trees. We are talking about huge trees that are 45,000 to 100,000 years old here! The coolest thing at the show room was the staircase made inside of one of the tree trunks. The $55,000 wooden couch was also cool.

* Touring Gum Digger Park. My mom was sort of disgusted when we told her we were going there because she thought it was dealing with chewing gum! The park is actually an excavation site where gum from ancient kauri trees was dug up and used to make varnish, laminate, and what not. Gum digging was sort of a big thing like digging for gold. These are gum digging boots.

* Hearing the roar of these nasty bugs everywhere we went. Their empty shells are everywhere too. Yuck!

* Traveling to the tippy top of New Zealand, seeing the beauty of Cape Reinga, and exploring the beach of the local bay.

* Visiting some of the church members Adam grew close to in Kaitia and hearing about how good of a missionary he was.


  1. What are those bugs? They look creepy like huge flies. You look so good in these pics!

  2. The bugs are probably cicadas.