Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NZ Trip- Day 12

March 13 was a fun, full day of new things. Here are our highlights:
* Visiting the Rotorua redwood forest. The redwoods were huge, but nowhere near in comparison to the kauri trees we saw a few days ago. It was funny because we found out the trees had been imported from California! Haha, it was cool anyway. We took a little walk through the forest, which is right in the city (haha), and had fun taking more pictures of course.

* Going to Hell... I mean, Hell's Gate. Hell's Gate is a privately owned spa and geothermal park in Rotorua. We had a great guided tour of the thermal park, played with the thermal mud, took pictures, tried some wood carving, and enjoyed the spa.

* Enjoying a private mud bath and sulfur pool swim with Adam at Hell's Gate. It was so fun to put warm mud all over each other during the mud bath like we were little kids, but afterward we had to take a cold shower for our blood or something and it was so cold! They could hear me yelling inside! Oops! The sulfur pool was nice and warm, though it left us smelling... interesting. Even after 3-4 washes of our swimsuits, the sulphur smell is still there! I think they smell sort of like matches.
* Visiting the Tameki Maori Village and seeing the cultural show there. We saw a cultural welcome to the village, learned more about the ways of the Maori, watched singing and dancing, saw a haka, and ate a hangi (I even tried lamb and kumara). I wish we could have stayed there longer because it was so interesting.

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