Saturday, March 24, 2012

NZ Trip- Day 7

March 8th was a rainy day, but we couldn't just stay indoors because we may never get to New Zealand again. Here are our highlights from day 7:
* Visiting the Auckland Botanic Garden and being able to finally find our way out. We got lost inside!

* Watching my husband sniff all of the roses in the gardens and listening to him decide which ones he wants in our garden someday. This was our favorite in smell and looks. (Adam's nose was yellow from getting too close to so many flowers!)

* Eating lunch at the famous Burger Fuel.
* Window shopping at a mall.
* Touring One Tree Hill and driving through all of the sheep to get to the top.

* Seeing Mt. Eden, an exploded volcano crater, and finding at least half a dozen more volcano cones surrounding us.

* Eatting my first Indian food ever. Butter chicken and naan.
* Visiting the Fatai family from one of Adam's Auckland wards. They used to feed the missionaries and help them out a lot. They're an awesome family. We LOVE the Fatais!

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