Thursday, March 22, 2012

NZ Trip- Day 5

March 6th was the 5th day of our trip. Here are the highlights from day 5:
* Tramping (hiking) through the Wairere Boulders. We probably tramped about 4 miles. This was an awesome valley full of beautiful views and huge boulders. The pictures don't really do justice to how big everything was. You really need to go see it in person! I convinced myself that the big boulders were asteroids that fell to the earth and killed the dinosaurs. With his science background, Adam disagreed! Haha, I guess the surroundings kind of made me feel like I was in Jurassic Park! Seriously, they did!

* Having a man pinpoint where we were from just by hearing our voices. We must have some sort of accents! And here I was having a hard time understanding everyone else!
* Being in awe in the Waipou Kauri Forest. These ancient kauri trees were ginormous! Again, the pictures don't quite do these trees justice! In this forest we saw the 1st, 2nd, and 7th largest kauri trees in the world. The largest tree, named Tane Matu, is thought to have started growing when Christ was on the earth! Another cool fact about this tree is that there are over 30 different species of plants living in it.

This tree below does not even rank among the large kauri trees!

Exploring New Zealand sure helped us appreciate how amazing God's creations are!

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